Filetopia 3.04

Filetopia is a versatile program to share files using public key encryption
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Filetopia is a program used to share files with other Internet users using public key encryption, that allows you to exchange information in real time. It has a mixture of the IRC client's DCC functions, plus P2P client, message boards, collection organizer, instant messaging client, and the option to use e-mail; that is, Filetopia gives you multiple functions in one program.

This application is adaptable to the user's type: novice, whose interface is simpler and has some limited options; or expert, which includes more options to adapt the program, such as managing channel lists or show the path. It also has a wizard to configure the client, which simplifies its use.

The relative downside is that you must allow free access to your computer in order to obtain free access to all files resulting from a search. If you configure the program with restricted files, you will also have restricted access to the files you examine.

Unlike another file sharing software, with Filetopia you can download all kinds of files, whether audio, video, documents, zip, or any other, including exe type files.

Its full chat feature allows you to make your friends list and operate channels, it is much more comprehensive than some IRC clients.

It also has a 50 additional sounds collection for use as events notices about transfers and in the chat rooms.

The current version requires Windows SO (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP), 64 Mb RAM and Pentium processor.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Collection Manager
  • Chat Client
  • File Client
  • File Server
  • Messaging System
  • Free email
  • Strong Encryption for chat and file server
  • Checksums for files


  • A little complex for novice users
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